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how to update your android phone

How To Update Android Phone?

Are you unaware of how to update your android phone? or how to update android phone? then you have to study the article to grasp the important points with respect to software updates. Updating the tablet or the phone is an exciting event, because it brings in the new functionality and features while delivering higher…

How Much Does It Cost To Replace iPhone Screen

How Much Does It Cost To Replace iPhone Screen?

Falling gadgets that result in damaged components are often the reason you frantic phone owners forage the internet for answers. Despite being extra cautious with your mobile devices, it is inevitable to arrest a fall. We have all been the victims alike. Phones that are made of gorilla corning glass can often withstand mild to…

How To Unblock A Phone Number

How To Unblock A Phone Number?

We have had people whom we wanted to avoid calling or contacting us in any form for a list of reasons. It wasn’t until the recent years till the old tech were retrofitted with the caller ids. Life has been ever convenient to recognize those calls you need to ignore. But, since technology is taking…