Tips & Tricks How Do I Change My Name On Facebook?

How Do I Change My Name On Facebook?

Facebook is the one thing without which no human being can survive. Nowadays before getting up from the bed and even before going to bed, it has become mandatory for the majority of the people to check their Facebook timeline. It has become a kind of addiction. You will be amazed to know that by…

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Aug 4, 2015 10:21 am

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Facebook is the one thing without which no human being can survive. Nowadays before getting up from the bed and even before going to bed, it has become mandatory for the majority of the people to check their Facebook timeline. It has become a kind of addiction. You will be amazed to know that by the second quarter of 2015, Facebook currently have around 1.49 billion monthly users, as compared to 1 billion in the year 2012. No matter how old Facebook is, there will be so many people who do not have the knowledge of all the features of the Facebook. For example, there are people who ask this question-‘How do I change my name on Facebook?’ So, if you are one of them, do not worry, in this article we have provided you with the solution to perform that task. Hence, sit back and relax, and read on.

Facebook- An Overview


Before we look into the solution of the problem of editing the name in Facebook, let’s look at some of the interesting things about Facebook, for example, how it started, who started it and many more. You all may know that Facebook is one of the biggest social networking website in the present time. Mark Zuckerberg founded the Facebook, on February 4, 2004 in Harvard College. In the initial times, Facebook was launched only for the Harvard Students but later expanded for all the colleges that were in Boston area, and in Ivy League colleges like Stanford University etc.

Many of you might not know, but Facebook was started with the name ‘Facemash’ at the end of 2003, and later changed to Facebook. When Facebook went public on September 26, 2006, the minimum legal age to register on the website was 13 years, and everyone must have a valid email address. Once went public, in the late 2007, Facebook has over 100,000 business pages. In the beginning these pages were named as the ‘Group Pages’ which were later changed to the company pages for the promotion. Seeing the huge popularity of Facebook, Microsoft showed interest in doing business with Facebook. On October 24, 2007, 1.6% share of Facebook was bought by Microsoft for around $15 million. With this purchase it also allowed Microsoft, that it can place international advertisements on the website of social networking. With getting success from all over the world, Facebook decided to set their first international headquarters in the city of Dublin, Ireland and one year later in September 2009, they announced that they have experienced a cash-flow positive for the first time.

If we look into the mergers and acquisitions of Facebook, on November 15, 2010, Facebook announced that they have acquired a domain name from the American Farm Bureau Federation. The domain name was ‘’. Previously the amount was not disclosed by the Facebook and the American Farm Bureau Federation, but later on the amount was disclosed and came out to be around $8.5 million in the “domain sales income”. With this, the acquisition of has been registered in one of the ten highest domain sales in history.

If we look into the technical aspects of the Facebook, you will be amazed to know that the reason behind the blue theme of Facebook is because Zuckerberg is colorblind for red-green colors. This was found out in a test taken around 2007. The website of Facebook has been mainly built on PHP, and the compilation has been done with HipHop for PHP. It is a source code transformer, that has been built by the engineers at Facebook; that can easily convert PHP to C++ language. Doing so reduces the average CPU consumption on Facebook servers by around 50%.

How To Edit Names On Facebook?

Now comes the part for which you are waiting for so long. Many of you might not know but Facebook allows you to change your name only up to four times. Therefore, if you want to keep your private and public life separate, you may consider changing your name so that people whom you do not want to search you can be kept away. Follow these instructions so that you can change your name on Facebook.

• Log in to your account and click on the gear icon, which you can find at the top right corner of the page. After clicking on it, select the ‘Account Settings’ option.
• Once done, you will see the text box to enter First name, middle name and last name. And you can also enter a nick name and space is also provided for the same. You must remember that you can change your name only four times, so please be sure while changing. While changing names, there are some rules you need to follow, for example, you are not allowed to use symbols, random capitalizations, numbers or even punctuations. You cannot use are word or a phrase for your middle name. Lastly, your nickname should relate to your original name.
• While entering the name into the text boxes, keep in mind that you enter your real name and not of any kind of fictional characters. If you will do this, you will be prompted again and again by the Facebook to change your name. However, if you want to create a profile of any kind of fictional character, you can always create a Facebook page for the same.
• You will be asked to enter your password when you try to change your name to check whether it is really you who wants to change your name and not any unauthorized person who is using your profile.
• Once done with your name changing process, click on the save changes button, to make sure that your name has been successfully changed and updated on your main page.
So, this is the way through which you can change your name. Again, do not forget that you are allowed only four times to change your name. Therefore, be sure while doing the same.

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