Misc How To Recover Deleted History?

How To Recover Deleted History?

Nothing is lost from the computer. After deleting the history, the data becomes invisible to the eyes but in fact it is stored somewhere in the computer either in obscure files or hard drive within the operating system. So, the recovering of the deleted history is a simple task, if you know how to do…


Aug 20, 2015 10:23 am

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Nothing is lost from the computer. After deleting the history, the data becomes invisible to the eyes but in fact it is stored somewhere in the computer either in obscure files or hard drive within the operating system. So, the recovering of the deleted history is a simple task, if you know how to do it. And if you are interested to know how to recover deleted history, then proceed further for the detailed information. Sometimes, the links or the browsing history becomes essential for gaining access to the desired pages. However, the business intelligence and analytics have carved a new advertising strategy in which they analyze the users’ navigation and focus on individual target advertisement.


There exist multiple reasons for retrieving the deleted internet history. The anxious parents get worried about their children’s online activities and their visits to the websites. Because the immature minds of the children may get attracted by the stimulating ads, images and videos on the web page. This in turn will push them to visit inappropriate websites or nefarious underworld activities. In one word, you can say that the use of the Internet for the children should be guided and monitored.

How To Find Deleted History?

If you are thinking that by erasing the history on your system, you would get away with the all kinds of activities done on the computer, no it is simply impossible. Somewhere within your computer, there will be space in which the deleted internet history is stored. In some of the sensitive cases, you might have heard or seen that the key accused in the issues will be setting the computer on fire or breaking or throwing gadgets in the water, to wipe out all the electronic evidence. All these dumb actions will never affect the data or make the data get wiped from the drive. Unless the computer’s hard drive comes under the influence of big magnet or tsunami or inferno, the data shall remain intact.

The Windows Registry stores up the internet history. Probably, the history can also be stored in the internet cookies as well. Usually, these two locations are the main targets to recover the deleted history. You have got several techniques for executing this, in which some of them are complex whereas others are bit simple.

Recuperate The Deleted Web History By System Restore

The options system restore is the best option to go for. If your history is deleted in the recent past, then you can regain it by using the restore facility.  To get to know about the system restore, you have to go to Start Menu and then search for the system restore, and there you will find the feature. In an alternative way, go to the Start button and then click on the Programs followed by Accessories. You would observe the ‘System Tools’ in the window and also the System Restore option. Choose your desired date for restoring your computer data and then you should sit back and wait until the complete restoration happens. After finishing your computer reboots and on checking the browser history you would find the internet history.

Search Programs Recovery Of The lost history

Sometimes, you may find that the restore options have been disabled. This will be countered by you, only if the computer has the previous history of being under the environment of a corporate sector. This will not happen frequently, but it may take place. In such a kind of situations, one can make use of the search programs. There are multiple links out there on the web, but you are suggested to make a considerable research before opting for the one. If you an idea about the keywords associated with it then you need to check it out on the internet. While searching, take count of all the results and then move on to the one that best suits you.

Cookies Guidance

The internet history can be checked by the internet cookies. It is a small sized text file stored in the internet browser. Mainly, the navigated websites link address is stored in these files. They are considered as the spying tools by most of the users, but in fact they serve the user in revisiting the sites. You can find multiple resources that speak about the cookies and their accessibility with respect to the Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. If you take the glimpse of the cookies, you will get to know about the history.

 Regaining The Lost History With The Log Files

By using the log files, the erased history can be recovered. This method best suits for the histories that have been deleted long time ago. While processing the log files in a step by step manner, you may come across the warnings beings throw at you by the system stating that you may lose the data. This is not observed commonly but on the other hand it cannot be neglected.

The arbitrary data is stored in the file extension in all the computers. Usually, it is hidden within your computer and stores crucial information regarding your visits and navigation. It is known as Index.dat. Every URL and web page will come under its listing.

Before stepping further, you have to change your settings in the windows by which you will enable the option to show the hidden folders and files. To implement this, you need to go to the start, settings, control panel, folder options and click view tab. Next, you need to choose the advanced settings followed by clicking on the show hidden folders and files.  In the course of action, you have to uncheck the Hide Protected Operating System files option and then select the OK button. Remember that after finishing, go back to the panel and undo all the previously made changes.

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