Tips & Tricks How To Recover Deleted Text Messages?

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages?

It is undoubtedly a good practice to clean our tech gadgets from time to time. But, what happens when you realize that you have deleted messages that are little too valuable from your iPhone? Do not worry if you have accidentally deleted important messages from your iPhone. You will still be able to recover the…

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Aug 5, 2015 6:24 am

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It is undoubtedly a good practice to clean our tech gadgets from time to time. But, what happens when you realize that you have deleted messages that are little too valuable from your iPhone? Do not worry if you have accidentally deleted important messages from your iPhone. You will still be able to recover the messages from your phone by retrieving the deleted text messages from the backup. Only in some worst cases, you will need a third party application to help recovering deleted text messages.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages?


Here is the three best way to help you recover your text messages from the iPhone.

Recovering the Messages On Your iPhone Using iCloud

If you have been regularly backing up your data on iCloud or iTunes from your iPhone, you have a greater chance of easily recovering deleted text messages. If you have previously turned off the automatic sync feature on your iPhone, you are recommended to turn it on and keep your data synced. You can sync with your Mac or PC.

Did you know that the iCloud does not allow the SMS to be synced in all the territories? Some phone operators are also an exception to the SMS sync feature. So, the techniques listed in this article are exclusive for the regions where the SMS backup feature is allowed.

Step 1

You must login into using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2

In the interface if you notice Text Message, it is a hint that your messages have been backed up. Click the Text Message.

Step 3

If you click the Text Messages, you will be able to search the list for the messages. Look for the text messages that you wanted to retrieve.

Step 4

Now, in your iPhone go to Setting and select the iCloud.

Step 5

Now, turn off the Text Messages. If it isn’t turned off, make sure it is turned off.

Step 6

Once the messages are turned off, you will see a pop-up asking you to select the location to backup the messages. You will have to choose “Keep on my iPhone.”

Step 7

Now you must turn on the text messages.

Step 8

The final step involves merging the contact list. Tap on ‘merge’ and wait for a few minutes. Then, you would see that the messages would have been restored in your iPhone.

Restoring the deleted text messages using iTunes backup

If iCould does not help you retrieve the text messages, you can still try using iTunes backup.

Step 1

Using your data cable, connect your iPhone to the PC. Once you have connected it, the synchronization is complete, and you should be able to open iTunes. If you are unable to open iTunes, you should do it manually.

Step 2

You will be able to see iPhone model in the top-right corner.

Step 3

You can retrieve the backup by selecting “Restore backup”.

Step 4

In a few minutes duration, all the data you backed up would have been restored. Unless you have not backed up the data immediately prior to deleting the text messages.

Restoring The Deleted Text Messages On iPhone Using Third Party App

If none of the earlier methods has helped you recover the deleted text messages, it is time to notch up the robustness. You can use a third-party app to help you solve the crisis. But, it is never a guarantee that you would indeed recover the text messages. Some third-party application that are rated by a variety of users has found to be useful for recovering the deleted text messages. Some famous apps are “WonderShareDr.Fone” for iOS, and “Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery”.

The messages can be still attempted to be recovered because similar to the memory logic of a computer when a memory space is empty, space is allotted to be overwritten by other data. These apps and utilities will exploit the time before which the data is permanently replaced at will try and recover the deleted item.

But, remember none of these methods offer any form of guarantee that the messages will be retrieved without loss of data.

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

These days there are many third-party apps that help you to recover the deleted text messages. Varying on the type of apps that you use to recover, the steps differ. The recovery process in most cases continues to remain identical.

To recover the messages from Android, you will need “Wondershare”.

•    Download the “Wondershare” from file sharing websites and launch the application on your desktop.

•    On your Android phone, you must enable the USB debugging mode. To turn on the debugging mode, you will need to access Developer Options from the Settings menu. If you are a user of an outdated version of Android, you will need to go to Build number under the About Phone section and then scroll to build number. Tap the option repeatedly till you reach the developer options.

•    Once you enter the Developer Option in the Settings menu, select the USB Debugging and check the box.

•    Once you have installed the Wondershare data recovery tool, follow the prompts that will ask for the scan parameters. Once you enter the details scan the memory of your Android device.

•    Wait till the scan is completed, and the list of undeleted and deleted items are populated for you. You can browse through the list. As long as the deleted slot in the memory has not been replaced by any other data you will be able to recover successfully, the deleted text messages.

Hence, it is recommended to act quickly to further your chances of successfully recovering the lost text messages.

•    On the left side of the interface pane, you will see the list of messages that are populated for after retrieval. Once you choose the list of messages that are important, click “Recover” on the bottom right side of the interface to save them on your computer.

It is also possible to attempt recovery of messages without the PC; you must have device’s root access and a paid recovery app. On the contrary, it is easier to use the computer for such a purpose.


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