How To Unblock A Phone Number?

How To Unblock A Phone Number?

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How To Unblock A Phone Number

We have had people whom we wanted to avoid calling or contacting us in any form for a list of reasons. It wasn’t until the recent years till the old tech were retrofitted with the caller ids. Life has been ever convenient to recognize those calls you need to ignore. But, since technology is taking a leap at a constant pace, it has become convenient just to prevent someone from calling you entirely. Thanks to the pre-installed feature on our handset devices, it allows you to block the caller and avoid receiving annoying calls and text messages. Sometimes it isn’t easy to avoid calls from a person you do not wish to communicate. Users have changed their contact numbers to avoid calls from people until they realize it is only a momentary relief until they are contacted again.

How To Unblock A Phone Number?

How To Unblock A Phone Number
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But times have changed, in the era of Androids and iPhone devices, it has become convenient to instruct the phone to blacklist those contacts that bother you.

I will be instructing you to block the unknown number on your iPhone via simple techniques. You can manage the contacts by following these simple techniques. The app that blocks the users works effectively only if they are already in your contact book.

  1. Tap on the “Settings” tile and then tap the phone from the list.
  2. I the screen that you are shown, you must select the option “Blocked”.
  3. You will see a menu that shows “Add New”.
  4. Your display will be populated with the contact list. You can start tapping the names of the contact that you want to prevent from calling or messaging you. By tapping the names, you are selecting the contacts from the list and adding them to blocked list.
  5. Once you have enlisted the contact names in the blocked list, your device will automatically enlist all other means that they can try and access you (calls, messages and emails).

If you thought if only those contacts in your phonebook were eligible to be blocked, you overlooked the ability of this app. You can also add unknown contacts that spam your inbox, or calls you to promote ads, insurances, etc.

  1. When you are being called or messaged from an unknown number, look up the call list and tap on the “I” (info) button located beside the number you wanted to block

Alternative: If you have received the message instead of the call, go to the Messages and click the “i” (info) button located under the Contact in the text that you received.

  1. On the info displayed on the screen, scroll to the bottom and tap the option “Block This Caller”. Now, you have successfully blocked the unknown number and prevented them from messaging or calling you.

How To Unblock The People Who You Blocked Earlier?

  1. Go the Settings and then select “Phone” by tapping it.
  2. You will be displayed the status of that contact. Now, select “Blocked.”
  3. Once you select “Blocked” you will be shown an “Edit button.”
  4. From the list of numbers that you have previously blocked, you have to unblock the selections. Highlight the numbers you want to unblock and tap “Unblock”.

Blocking The Contacts On Android Devices

iPhone isn’t the only device to block the contacts. It is possible to block unwanted contacts on Android devices as well. Here is how you can block the contact.

  1. Tap on the contacts tile on your Android device. Now, from the list of contacts select the number you want to block by tapping and holding them. The selections will be highlighted.
  2. Depending on the type of Android device, tap the button that lists additional options and select “Block”. Now, the contact is blocked. But wait! You also have another feature.
  3. Under the list of extra options, look for “Remove and Block” option. It will not just block the contact, but also removes it from your phone book.
  4. To remove the person from your contacts, you can tap the “Trash” icon and select “Remove”. Of course, this will only remove the contact. But to prevent all form of communication, you must select “Remove and Block”.

How To Unblock The People Who You Blocked Earlier?

  1. To unblock the blocked contact, you will need to invite them again. (Only in case you have not deleted them from contact list)
  2. Tap on “Settings” tile on your Android device.
  3. Scroll to the “Privacy and Security” option and tap on the “View Blocked Users”. Your display will be populated with the blocked contacts. (Remember, the contacts on this list are just blocked and not deleted)
  4. Tap on the contacts you want to unblock. You will see a white circular icon in the top right corner. Now, you have successfully unblocked the contacts.

Blocking A Windows Phone User

  1. Swipe to the “Friends” tile on your Windows handset. Tap and hold the contact that you want to unblock.
  2. Tap on “Block” to block your friend. Once you have added the member into a blocked list, the person will be able to attempt calling or communicating with you on your device.
  3. You can remove them from your friends list by tapping on “Delete Friend.”

Similar to the settings on Android, if you delete the contact from your phone book they can still contact you. In such case,

  1. Add the deleted user back to the phone book, select the contact and block the number. If you have done it soon, the blocked user will not be aware that they have been re-added or blocked.

Privacy has always been a concern in the digital world. Sometimes it is essential to restrict unwanted callers who attempt calling or messaging you. To add the deleted user back to the contact list, you have to enter the email ID or Display names and Search in the Friends Box. Once you have located the contact, tap V to add the user back to your contact list.



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