Games & Apps Top 6 Cool Math Games For Girls

Top 6 Cool Math Games For Girls

In today’s world, if you want to be a successful person, being smart, intelligent and to remain ahead in all the competition is one key you need. It is important that you keep your brain sharper and be physically fit. You might not know but our brain is also a muscle, and it needs regular…

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Aug 5, 2015 6:43 am

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In today’s world, if you want to be a successful person, being smart, intelligent and to remain ahead in all the competition is one key you need. It is important that you keep your brain sharper and be physically fit. You might not know but our brain is also a muscle, and it needs regular exercise, as our other body parts, to keep fit. So, it is always advisable that you keep on trying new techniques and methodologies so that you can increase your brain power regularly, especially girls when they are no lesser than boys in every field. Therefore, I have brought a list of top 6 cool math games for girls those are highly enjoyable but at the same time extremely challenging for you, so that your mind muscles will become stronger and make you smart. So, let’s look at those cool math games and enjoy.


What Are Mathematical Games?

Before looking in to the list of cool math games for girls, let’s have a quick look as what are these mathematical games, how they can help us in making our brains smart, why you should play these mathematical games and answers to some more questions.

If we see technically, a simple mathematical game can be a multiplayer or a single player game. It consists of some set of rules, strategies and its outcomes that are played as per the mathematical parameters. Most of these games are simple and use basic math rules and some of the math procedures. Some of the most common and most played math games those follows simple math algorithms are Tic-Tac-Toe, Dots and boxes and many more. In most of the cases, these mathematical games are not needed to be intricate deeply and require high computational underpinnings, but still there are a few games, for example, Mancala, those still use basic math algorithms but can require rigorous analysis and use of permutation and combinations theory.

Math Games vs. Math Puzzles

There are fair chances that you will be thinking the math games and math puzzles the same, but there is a huge difference between these two. The mathematical puzzles require some mathematical expertise so that they can be completed successfully. On the other hand, the mathematical games do not require any expertise to play, and basic math understanding will do the work in this case. The games those require core arithmetic skills are not readily okay to play for the untrained players as they have the requirements of statistical and mathematical aspects.

Top 6 Cool Math Games

Now as you have learnt the basic of the mathematical games, the difference between math games and math puzzles, let’s look at the list of math games those are so cool and challenging and can give your brain an awesome exercising experience. These games have been reviewed properly and proved awesome games for all the age groups and especially for girls. The skills that these games test are multiplication, subtraction, addition, telling time, counting, division, algebra and many more. You can easily find these games over the internet and also on your iPad and iPhone etc.

1. Grover’s Number Special

The first in the list is the Cute Math. It starts with a scene where Grover is a waiter and serves up lots of fun to his customer. So, the player has to make meals after counting the ingredients and later catch those ingredients by sliding the phone back and forth. It is a good game to increase the mental stamina and focus along with the math skills.

2. Coin Math

This game is extremely useful if you want to teach your kids the money basics. They will get familiar with the numerous coins and their values those are used in all over the America. The procedure to play this game involves the sorting of the coins inside a piggy banks. Once done, you have to add up the amount correctly so that you can buy a snack or toy with that money.

3. Pattern Recognition

It is a game that consists of numerous rows that has colored shapes and fixed in sequences. The task is to identify the shape and complete the sequence. The level in this game can be changed accordingly to your girl’s age and grade.

4. PopMath Lite

In this game, one has to pop bubbles those consist of the answer to simple math problems. It is a fun game because it consists of the equations whose answers come in quick succession. This game is also the winner of iPhone Foot Print Excellent Awards in the category of education.

5. Math Bingo

The primary object of this game is to get, anyhow, a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in the same row. It is to be done by solving correctly the various math problems. You can find math problem at the top of the screen where the game is displayed. Once you have successfully completed the game, you will get a feedback of your performance.

6. Silly Numbers

This is one of the most fun games available over the internet. In this game, every number comes in the form of animation and shouts out loud the number that is the wow factor in the game. It can be fun to solve math problems when they are moving on the screen as it increases our focus.

So, these were some cool math games for girls that can be beneficial for them. Hence, go ahead and make yourself smarter and sharper and prepare yourself for the tough competition out there.

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