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Top 8 Most Popular Board Games

The intelligence of a person can be checked by the Boardgames. They can be strategic, tactical, or they may be funny and simple. Some of the board games offer the tastes of all these aspects. When we go into the party games, and that will put the fun at the center. It is difficult to…


Aug 3, 2015 4:39 am

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The intelligence of a person can be checked by the Boardgames. They can be strategic, tactical, or they may be funny and simple. Some of the board games offer the tastes of all these aspects. When we go into the party games, and that will put the fun at the center. It is difficult to say that the party game is perfect and strategic, but it will not be like a night playing Caylus whether you had made the efficient and perfect move. These games have the benefit of bringing a lot of people together in one table, whether you are having a small beer sipping event or close friends’ cocktail party with a 12 people and more. Next time, if you are looking for the right game party, then you can choose one among the following.

10 Best Board Games or Fun Board Games


1. The Resistance

The resistance is a game that is not to be played if you are looking for the quiet and nice game. People within the room will be screaming at each other. The players in confusion shrug up their shoulders. It is a very simple game that can be replicated on the paper. If you want the game, that is purely a table talk, and it can be a replayable game to an amazing degree as well.

2. Cash ‘N Guns

The Cash N Guns is one of the great collection which is much easier to non-gaming friends to play when you dump the Styrofoam pistols. The gun in this game feel cartoonish, it is almost ridiculous, they are clearly a silhouette of a pistol with an orange tip just to make an orange tip and make sure that no one thinks it is a real gun. It is themed around a group of looters who try to make the most out of the loot for themselves. During the start of the game, every player points the blank gun at the player, although it might be one of their blanks. Each player who didn’t get shots or back out does share the loot. Repeat and rinse for eight rounds and the player who gains most of the money is a winner. This is a party game, and that leans on the mean side and which can be called for don’t take things personally.

3. Telestrations

I am appalling at the drawing, and I am a creative guy with the new ideas in my mind, but I may not be able to put in the picture format. That is the reason Telestrations is being loved by the people. In the mix of pictionary and telephone, the players have a word chosen by the dice roll and that they draw the short time and limit. When you start playing this game, the experience will improve by itself in between some of the inspiring artists.

4. Bang: The Dice Game

In the big group game of the dice, bad things may happen no matter how hard you may try to prevent them, which is hilarious. In the dice game, all have secret roles, and that affect how you play the game. You can be a deputy and may try to protect the sheriff by killing the bandits, or you could be a man standing last as a renegade. This is a kind of game in which people on either side would claim that they would not lie, even in the game. In this game, a lot of hidden elements are mixed with the luck and the laughter.

5. Wits & Wagers

Wits and Wagers is a trivia game which is based on the numerical answers such as How many Sports Illustrated covers have Michael Jordan been on? Instead of answering the question, the players just had their guesses. In this game, a lot of guessings is required on a mini dry erase board, and that is put in the middle. You can use them in order to increase the potential earnings. This game keeps the people spell bound and eventually takes them to an idiot spotlight. In the factoid collector, each of the card adds certain context to the answer and the source material as well. The game box can be set up to seven, but a huge crowd can be set up for the game. At this point in time, the game shines in the best possible manner.

6. Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice is one of the most popular games on the list. The game is featured in the Pirates of Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest, How To Train Your Dragon and Red Dead Redemption. There are many games that are centered on the Liar’s Dice – it is being referred as the drinking game. The game is very simple. In this game, the players are given a set of dice (around five) which roll under a cup. The bidding will continue to go up in the value similar to the poker game. Some of the players go back and forth until you get the point of whether you call out the other player for lying. The strategic play and bluffs are similar to poker, the scary looking mathematical equations show up the probability of certain values happening around.

7. Funemployed

The games that are based on improvisation are disastrous, especially when you don’t have the guidelines to help out the players in the right direction. This is not the same case with the Funemployed, which is a party game regarding the interview for a job. The last step in the job hunt is simulated by the Funemployed players’ interview for the positions that range from astronaut to a lawyer up to a pimp.

8. Two Rooms and a Boom

Not all of the games can take up to thirty people, that automatically makes a Boom and Two Rooms. And that will be appealing a lot of people over the play game or when you are planning to conduct the casual tournament. The players are categorized into two different groups one is bomber, and the other is president. The players are divided into separate areas, whether it’s a corner of the kitchen or the different rooms. At the end of five rounds, some of the players switch the spots.

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