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Ways To Unblocked Zombie Games

All the advancements in the technology have come as the boon for the gaming industry. More realistic graphics, more realistic controls, the enhanced experience and many more things are triggering more and more people towards the gaming industry and forcing them to play games of their choice. There are numerous categories in the gaming world…

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Aug 18, 2015 9:50 am

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All the advancements in the technology have come as the boon for the gaming industry. More realistic graphics, more realistic controls, the enhanced experience and many more things are triggering more and more people towards the gaming industry and forcing them to play games of their choice. There are numerous categories in the gaming world under which the games are distributed. Some of these categories include Actions, Adventures, Simulation, Buildings, Racing Games, Arcade, Zombies and many more. Among these, zombies’ game is the one category, which is getting more and more fans in the present times. However, as it takes a lot of hard labor and time to develop these games, so that the user can have the almost real time experience in playing games, with the realistic graphics, numerous game providers give only one or two stages of the game for free, and if you want the rest, you need to pay for it. This can be a one big obstacle in your entertainment, which can completely ruin your gaming experience and all your hard work, which you have done until now to clear the stages. This is not only your case, but of many who love playing games and have got struck and are not able to complete the games because it is asking to buy the full version of the game to you. But you do not have to worry at all, there are numerous ways through which you can play those paid stages of your favorite game and that also without paying even a single penny. Hence, in this article we will inform you about the ways to unblocked zombie games. So, just sit back, relax and acquaint yourself about the ways you can get your zombie games unblocked.


What Is The Meaning Of Term Zombie?

Most of you out there may have played numerous times the zombie games, or might have seen many zombie movies. But do you know what zombies are? How did they get this term? So, before you look into the ways of unlocking zombie games, let us acquaint ourselves a bit about the Zombies.

Technically, the zombies are creatures those are undead; however, they are depicted as the mindless and reanimated human corpses and have a huge hunger for the flesh of human beings. In the majority of the cases, the zombies can be found in horror movies, TV series or the fantasy genre of works.

The term ‘Zombie’ was coined from the Haitian Folklore, which means that zombies are dead and are animated with the help of magic. However, in today’s time, zombies not necessarily have magic inside them, but affect the people through some random viruses.

You may not know, but the word “Zombie” was first used and recorded in the year 1819. The recording was the history of Brazil from the poet Robert Southey. However, the term that was coined at that time was spelled as ‘Zombi’, and not ‘Zombie’. According to the reference of the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘Zombie’ got its origination of the word from the ‘West African’, and can be compared to the world ‘nzambi’, which means God and ‘zumbi’, means fetish. These two words were originated in the country of Kongo.

For the first time, the Western culture was introduced with the word Zombie via a book. It introduced the concept of Vodou Zombie, and the name of the book was The Magic Island. This book was authored by W.B. Seabrook and was published in the year 1929.

The zombies that we see today in the movies, games or somewhere else, is known to be owed from almost entirely a 1968 movie called Night of the Living Dead, directed by George A. Romero.

Zombies In Gaming World

When the zombies’ characters started gaining popularities in animations, movies, comics, and arts, the next target place to make them famous was gaming. However, the game developers did not have to work very hard to achieve this target. Once arrived in games, the zombies’ characters were extremely famous. The zombie character, which used to be in the games those were in their initial stages, was only in the form of first-person shooter, stealth, games of role-playing genres, and survival horror. However, sometimes later, with the advancements in technology, numerous franchises started developing the games consisting of Zombie characters and gaining popularity among the gamers so soon. Some of the very famous franchises those develop the Zombies’ games include Resident Evil, House of the Dead, Dead Island, Dying Light, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, The Last of Us, State of Decay. However, there is one more game, which is not completely Zombie based, but it has the zombie mode. This series of game is famously known as the Call of Duty.

Some Famous Facts About Zombies’ Games

When we are talking about the role of Zombies in gaming, let’s look at some of the facts and how these games have changed the gaming industry.

The games from a famous franchise called PopCap Games developed zombie game called Plants vs. Zombies. It was a very humorous and tower defense game and was an extreme indie hit in the year 2009. It also featured in numerous lists of best-of by the end of the year. Another massive zombie multiplayer game that was online, and comes in the category of role-playing game, Urban Dead was a free grid-based game that can run in a browser. In this game, you, as a zombie, fight with the survivors to gain the control of a ruined city. It is one of the best and most famous games ever developed in the zombie category.

Another zombie game with the name Dayz, was also a survival horror mod for the ArmA 2, and sold more than 300,000 units of the parent game only within the first two months after its release. Just after one year, the developers, who created the mod, created the standalone version of the same game. It means that you do not need any internet connection to play the game, and it is in the early-access of Steam. By now, the standalone version of the game has sold around 3 million copies after its release in the month of December 2013.

Apart from the gaming world, you would also have seen Zombies frequently in numerous trading cards games, for example, Magic: The Gathering or even in Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and in some of the role playing games, which include Dungeons & Dragons, and in some of the tabletop war games, for example, Warhammer Fantasy and 40K.

Apart from this television, and board games, there are some of the Zombie’s games that are played physically. One such game is Human vs. Zombies, a solely Zombie theme based live-action game that is mostly played on numerous college campuses.

Top Zombie Games

Now let’s look into some of the best Zombie games that have come into the market. So, all zombie games lovers out there, read the further article carefully, and acquaint yourself about the various interesting zombie games from which you cannot keep yourself away and cannot stop playing these games.

Dead Island

It is an astonishing game and has got a great hype. There was also a short promotional film that was released to announce the game and featured the little girls falling from the hotels during the outbreak caused by the Zombies. The attractive part of the short movie was the shooting of it in the reverse chronological order and hence, generated the huge amount of interest in the game among the audiences, both, because it was a subject of controversy and the style of the trailer, was unique.

The skill-point system in the game was in great depth and making you feel that you are a character in the game and is growing stronger with the completion of each level. The settings in the game have come up with cool vistas and graphics even when it only has the cliché zombie scenario of the apocalypse. It is a great fun if you will try to explore the hellish version of the holiday paradise. It has proved to be extremely exciting.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

The second in the list of best Zombie games is Zombies Ate My Neighbor. It is yet another awesome zombie game where you will never expect that only two kids can be the prime threat to the masses of zombies; however, the game will prove you completely wrong.

It is one of the oldest games that are being played and loved by masses. Zombies Ate My Neighbors was launched way back in the year 1993 and developed by the LucasArts. It features two guys with the name Zeke and Julie and they try to save the neighbors from the zombies attacks and also from being eaten by them. The best part of the game is that you can use all the things that come on your way as the weapons, it may be tomatoes, eggs to modern and highly damaging weapons like bazookas and explosives. All these features have made the game a creepy one but at the same time, it is very interesting and fun to play.


As discussed above, DayZ is one of the most loved Zombie games, which have ever come into the market. The game started with the ultra-realistic military simulator and was set during the time of zombie apocalypse. The only goal in the game that you have to achieve is to survive. The major difference between the other games and DayZ is that other games may take you through various quests and story. On the other hand, DayZ directly throws you in the field filled with Zombies, and you have to save yourself from eating you up by the zombies and you do not have any task or goal to accomplish. The only things you need consistently are the food and water to survive and some medical equipment like bandages, blood packs etc. The other important and cool factor about the game is its sound, graphics and effects.

Plants vs. Zombies

All time favorite zombie game loved and played by billions of people. Developed by the PopCap, Plants vs. Zombies is one addictive game you cannot stop playing it at all. In this game, your primary task is to protect your house from the attack of zombies. The zombies have a secret weakness to peas. It is a tower-defense game and allows you to collect miniature suns whose solar energy you can use to grow the plant army. This plant army is crucial in protecting you and your house from the zombies.

How To Unblock Zombie Games?

Now comes the time when will look into the process of unblocking the zombie games or zombie modes that come inside some of the games. There are numerous ways of doing so. We will look into the steps one by one.

1. The first way to do so is by buying the zombie stages or the modes that are present inside the game. Sometimes the developers charge a few dollars to unlock a specific stage, for example, to unblock the zombie mode in the very famous game known as Call of Duty, you need to pay a substantial amount of $50. Once you pay this amount, the required stage will automatically appear in the main menu section of your game. This method can apply to not only in the Call of Duty but numerous other games of the same type.

2. The second way to get the zombie modes in your games is to play all the required number of stages. For example, in the game Call of Duty, if you want to play the zombie stage without paying $50, you need to fight around 225 stages in a four tiers of maps. Once you complete these stages you have to fight Final Riot Map which have ten rounds and when you will come to the 11th round you will get the Zombie round.

So, these were few ways for you to unblock the zombie games easily. Hence, either pay the amount or fight hard to get the zombie stages unblocked.

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