Misc Why Is My Google Chrome Not Responding?

Why Is My Google Chrome Not Responding?

Have you come across the problems that are associated with the Google Chrome? and secondly are you curious to know the reasons behind the issue? then you are on the right path. Some of the peculiar queries shall include why is my Google Chrome not working? Why is my Google Chrome not responding? and more….


Aug 14, 2015 12:28 pm

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Have you come across the problems that are associated with the Google Chrome? and secondly are you curious to know the reasons behind the issue? then you are on the right path. Some of the peculiar queries shall include why is my Google Chrome not working? Why is my Google Chrome not responding? and more. Before proceeding further, we need to understand the backend factors that stand as an obstacle in the path of Google Chrome’s right functionality. On the first hand, let us take a deeper look into the Google Chrome.


Nowadays, in the techno world the performance of the browsers is scaling a new height. The offerings of these applications include communication tools, productivity suites, extensions, escapist entertainment and more. In a word, you can say that they have gained the being Operating System virtually. With the debates running down, many of the browsers come into the picture but only few will make the correct stand and among them is the Google Chrome. If you go by the reports of the survey, then you would find that about 64.9% of the people are using the Chrome, and that is above Firefox (21.5%), IE (7.1%) and Safari (3.8%). No doubt, the Google Chrome is most widely used and popular searching engine tool in the world.

It became popular due to its sleek, speed, versatile, and clean UI. Every technology or invention comes with advantages and disadvantages. Both are composed in a well-defined manner. So, what are the techniques to overcome the issue? Moreover, this error might have encountered many of us, so how to fix it up. Here are some of the tips that will help you in overcoming the problem.

Google Chrome Not Working – Important Facts To Overcome The Problem

1. Wipe Out The Browsed Data

You may come across the errors due to browsing data itself. A user will be having a complete control over the browsed data. So, the very first step is to clear the data from the history. It includes:

  • Download history
  • Browsing history
  • Saved data
  • Cookies
  • Passwords
  • Cached images and files
  • Plug in data

2. Management of The Browser Cookies

When you visit a website, then automatically the cookies get created. The information related to profile, browsing and site preferences will be stored in the cookies. They are classified mainly into two types:

  • Cookies of the first party – These are formed by the domains that have been categorized in the address bar
  • Cookies of the third party – Here, it comes from the other different sites that include the ads or images.

Similar to a control exercised over the browsed data, you can control the cookies as well. The Google Chrome will accept the cookies by default. One can alter the settings according to the requirements, and that can be accomplished by considering the instructions given below.

3. Uninstall And Reinstall Google Chrome

There might be several reasons for your chromes non-functionality, but when you clear the browsing data and cache, every aspect of the problem will be cleared. Even after this process, if you see the error message ‘Google Chrome not responding’, then you should uninstall your chrome followed by installing the newer version. This process will easily wipe out the problem. Another important fact about the Google is, it synchronizes all the bookmarks and passwords of your account. Thus, you will get all the information what you have stored earlier using the previous Chrome version.

4. Close The Frozen Window Or Tab

In order to execute this process, you should open up the Task Manager of the Chrome by pressing Shift + Esc at a time or you can go to More Tolls and Task Manger by clicking on the menu button.

A screen will display the running tabs, extensions, frozen tabs and malfunctioning extensions. Now, you need to choose the frozen tabs or extensions.

Click on the End Process button. With this, the tabs or the extensions can be closed individually or in whole by making the multiple selections.

5. Usage Of Another Browser

Sometimes the poor internet connection may also result in Google Chrome’s inability to function. What you can do is try out some of the new browsers. By using different browsers try to check whether it is working accurately or not and then analyze the reason behind the Google’s poor performance on your computer. If you are a same problem similar to the Google Chrome, then it means the there might be some problem with the web site. Due to the lower speeds of the websites, the loading of the pages takes more time as compared to the normal execution of the browser.

6. Examining The Internet Connection

If your internet connection is based on the wireless communication mode, then make sure that you have strong signal. You should check the connection of the cable if you are utilizing the router through the Ethernet.

7. Disabling The Extensions

On knowing the absence of the internet’s role in causing the error “Google Chrome Not Responding”, you should disable the extensions. To accomplish this, you have to follow the guidelines given below:

Go to the Menu button and then select the tools followed by Extensions. The occurrence of the error might be due to the installed extensions, so disable all the extensions. You have to enable them individually until you come across the fault one.

8. A Right Scrutiny Of Proxy Settings

Wrong proxy settings can also be a reason for the ‘chrome not responding’ error message. If you change the settings, then you will fix up the problems that you are facing.

Go to the settings inside the menu button, choose the link titled ‘show advanced settings’. Next, click the ‘change proxy settings’ button followed by choosing the LAN settings. Finally, ensure that ‘automatically detect settings’ is enabled.

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